Getting Started with Panopto and Finding Your Recordings


Panopto is a video platform used by the College for video recording, editing, and storage.

Getting Started with Panopto

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Panopto is integrated into Canvas LMS. To use Panopto in your course, first enable it in your course-level navigation menu on Canvas.

  • Navigate to Settings > Navigation.
  • Drag the Panopto Recordings option into the list of active navigation options.
  • Note: Panopto Recordings might be toward the bottom of the list of inactive options. You can use Ctrl + F to search for Panopto to locate it.

In addition to the automatically-generated Panopto Recordings folder in your Canvas course, you have a personal folder called My Recordings in Panopto to store recordings. The easiest way to access your personal recordings folder is to use the Panopto sign-in link (See above). Importantly, your Zoom cloud recordings migrate to a subfolder within My Recordings. Zoom cloud recordings are subsequently deleted automatically once they have migrated to Panopto. For easy access, we recommend bookmarking your My Recordings folder.

To save time in your video recording, editing, and storage process, we recommend creating a "Master Panopto" course in Canvas; enabling Panopto Recordings within this Canvas course will create an automatically-generated Panopto Recordings folder. Within this folder, you can set up a hierarchical file storage structure with sub-folders by subject, courses you teach, and more. Please contact EdTech ( for details and for assistance.

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