Important Panopto request, also remote recorder info.

Stop the Panopto recorder so the Remote Recorder can function.  Information for Panopto Recorder and Panopto Remote Recorder users.

  • If you are recording sessions using the Panopto recorder (usually launched from Canvas), it is essential that you close Panopto after you are finished using it. This is because if you leave it open, it will prevent the remote recorder from launching in the case that an instructor has scheduled recordings of their class(es) in that room.
  • If you have multiple classes in a row in one room, you only need to do it before you leave
  • Conversely, if we have scheduled recordings for you, when you come into the classroom, check to see if the Panopto recorder is running and close it.
  • Before you close the recorder it is good practice to log out. Otherwise another instructor may open the recorder logged in as you and record their session in one of your classes.
  • N.B. We have just learned that we can log into the classroom workstations remotely. If we see the remote recorder blocked, we will be doing this when we can during the break between classes. If this interrupts you, we apologize
  • in advance. To avoid this, close Panopto when your class(es) is (are) finished.
  • N.B.2. Panopto has a setting that causes it to continue to upload after being closed. This should be the default setting. You can check by going to settings. If you find that it is not the case, please contact ishelp and cc us.

More Details:

  • Close from taskbar.
    • Right click, then click “X Close Window”
    • N.B. This will leave you logged in.
  • Sign out and close from recorder window.
    • Open the recorder window
    • Click the Sign out link
    • Click the X to close the recorder.
  • It should be gone from the taskbar. If not, repeat above steps.

Remote recorder

  • We can schedule your classes to be recorded in Panopto
  • Remote recorder not connected:
  • This usually happens when the computer starts up and may happen at other times. Usually it resolves quickly, but we have noticed that some computers in SWL take several minutes to connect.
  • Remote recorder ready to go. You may need to expand that part of the taskbar to see this:
  • If it’s connected, you can start a new recording or webcast from the remote recorder. It will go into the default folder for that recorder and you will probably need to contact us to get it moved or we could set it up so you have access.
  • Also note you may need to click on the caret icon to show hidden icons
  • If the remote recorder is recording, it will show a red dot:
  • And you can pause, stop or extend the recording five minutes:

Jerry Lewis
Director for eLearning/Virtual Campus


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