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Instructions on how to forward your student email to your personal email (gmail, yahoo, etc.)
Contains instructions for downloading and signing in to Zoom, video conferencing software
This article shows how to install the software for the Avaya Softphone software to be able to make phone calls using your computer. The software can be found at:

This tip will help reduce some lag while working in Microsoft Teams.
​​​​​​​Need to work from home? No problem! As a CBC employee, you have access to many applications and resources to help you work from home successfully.
This article explains what you need to connect using VPN, as well as how to install and connect the VPN client. Instructions are also provided for connecting to a remote desktop PC.
Procedure for configuring email on your Android phone
Follow this procedure to set up your student email on your iPhone or iPad.
Web Print from any wired/wireless computer on a CBC network.  Use your student login credentials to login to your NetPrint account and choose “Web Print” from the menu. For more detailed instructions see NetPrint Tips in the knowledge base.

Direct Print from any of the CBC Library, RA building lab, or SWL Kiosk computers. Access is automatic once logged in to the computer with your SID and PIN. Just choose one of the available “NP” printers.
This article has information on what technology is available to you as a student and where to get it during the COVID crisis.
NetPrint is CBC’s student printing service.  All students who pay tech fees have a NetPrint account. Students start each quarter with a $12.00 credit in their NetPrint account. If needed, additional credit can be added by purchasing $3.00 NetPrint cards from either the CBC Pasco Library or Richland Health Science Library circulation desks.
Do you wish you could use all your monitors at home with your remote desktop connection? Well, you can! And here’s how.
Instructions for uninstalling Zoom in Windows 10