00. Quick Guide to Using ReadSpeaker TextAid Video


Watch this video to get an overview of using ReadSpeaker TextAid at Columbia Basin College!


Hey, CBC Hawks! Do you ever find yourself struggling to stay motivated while reading your course material? Have no fear! ReadSpeaker TextAid can help!

ReadSpeaker TextAid is an amazing tool that makes reading, writing, and studying a breeze. Whether you're dealing with fatigue from too much screen time, dyslexia, reading difficulties, or learning English as new language, ReadSpeaker TextAid is the solution to help you become a confident and independent learner.

TextAid can add audio ("read-aloud") to assignments, textbooks, handouts web pages, notes, personal documents, and so much more. And the best part? You can read along with the highlighted text, making it easier than ever to up your reading speed and stay focused. So, whether you're a struggling reader or just looking for an extra boost in your studies, ReadSpeaker TextAid is the perfect tool for you! Let's make reading fun and easy with ReadSpeaker TextAid!




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