User Guide - Mobile First Computer Replacements

Computer replacements in the past at CBC have traditionally been standard desktop replacements.  To modernize our systems, we are now moving to a mobile first replacement policy.  This means the default choice for staff and faculty is a Dell laptop with a docking station.  As per usual policy, if the monitors currently in office are up to the standard size, no replacement monitors will be ordered.  See the below chart for standard specs for an office setup:

  • 1 Dell Latitude laptop
  • 2 Dell 22" monitors
  • 1 docking station
  • 1 keyboard
  • 1 mouse
  • cables to make everything work together (standard cables usually do not work with mobile systems, so additional will need to be ordered)

Replacement policy dictates that a maximum cost of the base setup will be determined on a yearly basis that will be paid from the replacement budget.  Should you require a different computer for your work, and you choose a system that is above the base setup price, your department will be responsible for covering the remainder of the cost.

AS AN EXAMPLE ONLY:  Dell Latitude 5510 is the base machine.  The system cost for the base setup is $2100.  You choose a Dell XPS 13, with a cost of $2300.  Your department will be responsible for $200 on the purchase of that setup.

Should a supervisor choose to have their department remain with desktop systems, the standard desktop setup is as follows:

  • 1 Dell Optiplex desktop PC
  • 2 Dell 22" monitors
  • 1 keyboard
  • 1 mouse

Student worker, hourly and adjunct stations may be included in the replacement cycle and will be desktop systems.


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