Faculty & Staff Support

Articles and technical support for faculty/staff

Categories (10)

Enterprise Software

Contains end-user procedures for various enterprise applications

Mobile Devices

Knowledge articles related to mobile devices, including laptops, tablets and phones.

Telephone Support

Helpful information and basic troubleshooting hints may be found in this category.

Microsoft Office Tips and Tricks

Category for tips and tricks related to Microsoft Office, including Outlook.


This section is for security articles, knowledge articles related to security and other IT security related items.


Category for ctcLink issues and fixes.

Work From Home

This category contains articles on what you need to work from home.

Educational Technology

Informational documents on Canvas and educational technology. Help documentation and troubleshooting is available in Canvas on our Instructor Support Page.


This section will have IS standards and procedures posted for public consumption.


Articles on how to connect various devices to CBC Wi-Fi

Articles (8)

Pinned Article User Guide for Windows Upgrades

Procedure for self-initiated Windows 10 upgrades. Provided to employees who have been contacted by Technology Services regarding this upgrade, and have been given access to the required installation resources.

Pinned Article User Guide to Set Default Printer in Windows 10

Guide to assist users with setting their default printer in Windows 10

Campus map to find TS

This map shows the location of TS on campus

How to add a printer (Windows 11)

This article will explain how to add a printer to your list of printers in Windows 11. Process is very similar in Windows 10.

User Guide for Adobe Creative Cloud Authentication

User guide to assist users with authentication to Adobe Creative Cloud (Required to use Adobe software).