Microsoft Project Professional - Download and Install Instructions

This article details instructions for downloading/installing Microsoft Project Professional for current CBC students with a valid Microsoft/CBC email account and password.

           1. Contact TS help desk if you need assistance with your CBC email/password, otherwise proceed to step 2.

            2. Go to: Azure Dev Tools for Teaching (

If the search bar comes back empty, there will be two taps at the top of the software that can be downloaded. The main tab that you will be on is the software tab, and the other tab is the licenses tab. Click on the licenses tab.

Common Errors

1. "I can't see or find the download button"

If the download button is not present, the issue is Microsoft is changing how licensing is done. What you will need to do is go to where it will ask you to log in. Microsoft may not allow you to log in with your CBC account, so a personal Microsoft account will be needed. Once logged in, there is a section to activate a license key. Copy and paste the license key you obtained earlier into the text box. Once added, an installer can be downloaded and run. Once installed, the Project will require that you log in with your Microsoft account.

2. "32-bit installer failed"

During the installation process, the installer is bundled for 32-bit and 64-bit systems. It will attempt to do 32-bit first, so it will have a common error message that the 32-bit installer failed so simply click to continue for the 64-bit installer.

3. "Something went wrong during the installation process"

A common error message that may also appear is that something went wrong in the installation. The most common reason is that there was an error with the installation due to other Office products being installed. The solution is to uninstall other office products and restart the computer before retrying. If after the reboot it still fails, Microsoft has a tool to uninstall Office products that are stuck on the system: First install Project, then you can reinstall the other Office products on the system. 


4. "Unable to install app outside of the Microsoft App Store"

If you get an error message about not being able to install outside of the Microsoft App Store, then the issue is the computer is in S-Mode. S-Mode is Microsoft's attempt to make Windows-like Chromebooks. To remove S-Mode, Microsoft has these steps:

If you have any issues, our Student help desk in the Library can assist with the installation process.

Contact Technology Services Student Help Desk: 509.543.1445

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