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Help with student email

This is where you come to find out how to connect to WiFi on campus.

Use your Student email username and password.

Instructions on where and how to print.
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All Black and White printers are $ 0.03 per page, and Color printers are $ 0.09 per page.

**Due to COVID most printing services are suspended, see the article here for more printing info**:

Information and help for Canvas, our learning management system (LMS)

Category for Zoom support articles.

Category containing articles for ctcLink.

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Pinned Article Student Technology during COVID-19

This article has information on what technology is available to you as a student and where to get it during the COVID crisis.

Installing Pearson OnVue on CBC laptops

This article details how to bypass the blocks that are on the CBC laptops so OnVue can be run successfully.

VDI - Student VDI Password Reset

Audience: students using VDI for coursework.

Summary: steps to reset your login to VDI