Resolving Laptop Audio Volume Issues with Zoom

Resolving Laptop Audio Volume Issues with Zoom

(Quiet or No audio when using Avaya Softphone or other apps)

*IS Student Workers - When completing setup on user laptop with user present, make sure this is completed as part of the standard procedure.

  1. First, launch the Zoom app and sign in with SSO. (Use the domain "columbiabasin" on the next page)

  1. Once signed in, access the Settings from the "Initials" icon in the upper right corner.

  1. Click on "Audio" for audio settings.

  1. Use the Microphone volume slider to adjust to desired level and uncheck "Automatically adjust microphone volume".

Completing these steps should prevent the majority of the audio issues when working from home and using the Avaya Softphone app.


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Tue 5/25/21 11:37 AM
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