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Here is a list of currently-supported educational technology applications at Columbia Basin College with an overview of each app. See the help documentation links for details and contact EdTech (edtech@columbiabasin.edu) for more!

  • Panopto: Video storage platform
  • ReadSpeaker: Read-aloud support (text-to-speech) and TextAid study tools suite
  • H5P: Interactive content creation platform
  • Perusall: Online social annotation platform
  • TurnItIn: Content similarity detection
  • Proctorio: Online exam security software (proctoring and browser lock down)
  • Kahoot: Game-based learning platform
  • Ally: Automated accessibility checker in Canvas
  • Zoom: Licensed Zoom accounts

Panopto: Video Storage Platform

link: https://cbc.hosted.panopto.com/

Panopto is a video platform used by the College for video recording, editing, and storage. Panopto is integrated into Canvas. To use Panopto in your course, first enable it in your course-level navigation menu on Canvas. Navigate to Settings > Navigation. Then, drag the Panopto Recordings option into the list of active navigation options. It might appear toward the bottom of the list of inactive options. You can use Ctrl + F to search for Panopto if you have trouble locating it.

In addition to the automatically-generated Panopto Recordings folder in your Canvas course, you have a personal folder in Panopto to store recordings. The easiest way to access your personal recordings folder is to use the sign-in link (See above). To save time in your video recording, editing, and storage process, we recommend creating a "Master Panopto" course in Canvas; enabling Panopto Recordings within this Canvas course will create an automatically-generated Panopto Recordings folder. Within this folder, you can set up a hierarchical file storage structure with sub-folders by subject, courses you teach, and more. Please contact EdTech (edtech@columbiabasin.edu) for details and for assistance.

Panopto Help Documentation

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ReadSpeaker: Read-Aloud Support (Text-to-Speech)

ReadSpeaker provides integrated read-aloud support (text-to-speech) to students reading your course content in Canvas and beyond. Students can listen to Canvas content read aloud to them, upload PDFs and other documents to listen and annotate in the TextAid study tools suite, and install the ReadSpeaker browser extension to listen to content on websites and in Canvas content frames. No installation is necessary to get started, and the ReadSpeaker extension takes just moments to set up! To get started with ReadSpeaker in Canvas, simply sign into Canvas and click the ▶️ button on the Global Navigation Menu. For ReadSpeaker TextAid Study Tools Suite, click the TextAid icon on the Global Navigation Menu and follow the prompts.

ReadSpeaker Help Documentation

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Want to add interactive media to your Canvas course with ease? Quickly add videos, infographics with pop-up questions, memory games, drag-and-drop matching exercises, branching interactives, and more with H5P! This authoring tool is integrated into Canvas and allows you to create and embed over 30 types of multimedia-rich learning experiences. H5P interactives can be set as graded assignments or ungraded activities. Once created, you can reuse your interactive within any Canvas courses. Make it once; use it a lot with H5P!

H5P Help Documentation

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Perusall is a social annotation tool. It allows students to create group annotations of texts, websites, videos, and podcasts. Perusall is now fully integrated into Canvas at Columbia Basin College. To use Perusall in your course, first enable it in your course-level navigation menu on Canvas. Navigate to Settings > Navigation. Then, drag the Perusall 1.3 option into the list of active navigation options. It might appear toward the bottom of the list of inactive options. You can use Ctrl + F to search for Perusall if you have trouble locating it.

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Perusall Help Documentation

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TurnItIn is a web-based content similarity (plagiarism) detection tool used by instructors and their students to assess potential instances of academic dishonesty. The app compares papers submitted to a database of academic papers, student work, and online content and identifies textual similarities. Based on this, TurnItIn displays a similarity score for the submission and highlights any areas of potential plagiarism. Annotation tools allow the instructor to provide feedback and comments on student writing. Please contact EdTech for assistance.

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Proctorio is an online proctoring tool that monitors students during online exams using webcam, microphone, and screen-sharing. The app detects suspicious and flags potential violations for instructor review. Proctorio also offers features such as browser lockdown.

Proctorio works best with Google Chrome. EdTech recommends that students taking proctored assessments with Proctorio use Chrome; however, the platform is also compatible with Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Brave browsers. Importantly, it is not compatible with Mozilla Firefox or Safari for iOS. Students who attempt to take a proctored exam with Proctrio using these browsers will receive an error and must reattempt with Chrome.

When you enable Proctorio on a quiz or exam in Canvas, the system automatically creates and manages necessary password information. Students should not be prompted to enter a password or access code. If they are prompted for this information, there is an issue with their browser (e.g., out of date, caching problem, etc.) or they have not given Proctorio necessary permissions on their browser. Please contact EdTech for assistance.

Proctorio Help Documentation

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and account creation link: https://kahoot.com/

Kahoot is an interactive learning platform that allows instructors and their students to create and participate in game-based learning activities like games, surveys, and quizzes. You can use Kahoot to assess student knowledge, engage students in class discussions, and provide feedback. The platform also provides learning analytics to track performance and progress. You can get started with Kahoot by signing up for a free account. There are also a limited number of institutional licenses available, which allow for some enhancements. Contact EdTech if you’re interested in seeking a license.

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Ally is a plug-in for Canvas LMS that checks accessibility of online content to help ensure content is accessible to all learners, including students with disabilities. Ally AI checks for common accessibility issues, like missing alternative text for images, inaccessible document formats (e.g., PDFs that have not been rendered into real text via Optical Character Recognition [OCR]), and color contrast issues. Ally displays an accessibility meter and displays guidance on how to fix issues. Ally can also generate alternative formats for digital content in audio format, EPUB, electronic Braille, and so on, to accommodate learning needs.

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Zoom (Licensed Accounts)

link: https://columbiabasin.zoom.us/

Licensed Zoom accounts are available for all employees. Sign into your Zoom account from the sign-in link for Columbia Basin College using your CBC email credentials. CBC Zoom accounts feature meetings with no time limit and other enhancements. Zoom is integrated with the Canvas learning management system for easy session management and student tracking. When you enable Zoom in your Canvas course and set up your Zoom sessions from within your class navigation, session recordings are automatically uploaded to the Panopto folder for the course.

Zoom Online Help Documentation

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