How to configure CBC Email on a new Apple iPad or iPhone

Note: please make sure to configure self-service password reset (SSPR) before setting up email on your iPhone. If you’re not sure if you’ve done it already, please go to and verify your phone number/alternate email address. 

Short procedure

1. Add a new Exchange account, providing your CBC email address and password

2. If asked for server name, enter


Detailed procedure with screenshots

1. Find “Settings” app on your iPhone, then tap “Accounts & Passwords”.


2. On “Accounts & Passwords” screen, scroll to the bottom and tap “Add Account”


3. Select “Exchange” account type.


4. Enter your CBC email address in the Email field. Type CBC in the Description field.


5. Tap “Sign In” when prompted by this message.


6. Enter your CBC email password and tap “Sign in”.


7. (Optional) If prompted by this screen, enter in the Server field and enter your full email address in the Username field. If you are not prompted with this screen, skip to the next step.


8. Tap “Accept”.


9. Uncheck “Contacts” and check everything else. Tap “Save”.


10. Your new account is now added and will begin syncing your mail and calendar shortly. You can check your email by opening the “Mail” app.

11. If you encounter any issues, please stop by IS Helpdesk or call ext. 2353.


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