How to print while using the CBC wireless network

1. Save the document you want to print and close it.

2. While connected to the CBC network, type in your browser address bar:

3. Log in using your CBC Student email address and password

4. Click “Web Print” in the menu on the left.
5. Click “Submit a Job”

6. Select a printer to send your document to.
7. Click the “Print Options and Account selection” button to continue.

8. Choose the number of copies you want to print.
9. Click the “Upload Document” button to continue.

10. Click the “browse” button and find the document saved in Step 1.
11. Click the “Upload & Complete” button to continue.

12. Click the “Held in a queue” link

13. Click the “print” link
14. Click “Log Out” when your document has been successfully submitted. Your document is now printing.


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