How to configure CBC Email on your Android Phone

Note: There are many Android devices that can vary in their appearance and functionality. The screenshots may not match what you see on your screen. This procedure is meant as a general guide to help faculty & staff set up their CBC email on an Android phone. If you experience any difficulties, stop by Information Services helpdesk and we'll be happy to assist you.


Short procedure

1. Add a new Exchange account, providing your CBC email address and password
2. If asked for server name, enter

Detailed procedure with screenshots

1. Find Settings on your phone

2. Tap “Users & accounts”

3. On “Users & accounts” screen, tap “Add account”

4. Select “Exchange” or “Exchange ActiveSync”

5. Enter your CBC email address and tap “Next”

6. Enter your email password and tap “Next”

If your phone is not able to auto-discover the correct configuration, you may be prompted to manually enter domain\username and server name. For both email address and domain\username, enter you full email address. For server name, please enter

7. Tap “OK” when prompted with “remote security administration dialog.

8. Select “Automatically (Push)”

9. Select your notification preferences

10. Enter CBC as account name and tap “Finish setup”

11. Tap “Activate this device admin app” when prompted

12. Your account is now set up and will begin syncing your mail and calendar shortly. To check your email, open the Email app and look under CBC (if you have multiple email accounts on your phone)

If you have any questions or run into any difficulties, please contact IS Helpdesk at ext. 2353.


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