How to Create Signable Documents in Adobe Acrobat

You can use Adobe Acrobat to make an existing PDF document signable.

  1. Open the PDF you need to make signable with Adobe Acrobat.
  2. Click on the "Tools" tab, highlighted below.PDF document opened in Adobe Acrobat. The "Tools" tab is circled in red.

  1. Scroll down and select "Prepare Form" under the "Forms & Signatures" section, as highlighted below.
    The Adobe Acrobat "Tools" tab, with the "Prepare Form" tool highlighted.

  2. Make sure the correct file is selected, and check the checkbox next to "This document requires signatures", as highlighted below.
    A selection screen in Adobe Acrobat, showing the option to browse for a file or scan a document. There is a checkbox to indicate whether signatures are needed for the form, and a "Start" button to continue.

  3. Insert a textbox where the signature will go. You can rename the textbox to "Signature".
    Adobe Acrobat's textbox tool, circled in red.

    A textbox with textbox properites displayed. It has been named "Signature", and other options are left as the default.

  4. Save the document and close the editor options.
  5. Click "Fill & Sign" in the right hand toolbar.
  6. Choose whether you will be signing the document, or if you will be sending the document to others to be signed.
  7. If you select the "Me" option, click the "Sign" button at the top of the document.
    A drop-down menu under the "Sign" button in Adobe Acrobat.

  8. You can choose to type your signature, draw it, or upload a picture of it. Once you have your signature ready, you can click "Apply".
  9. Your signature will float under your mouse. Move the signature to the signature box and click to apply it.
  10. Save the document.


More help can be found on Adobe's website at:

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