When will my class be available in Canvas?

Your classes should be available through Canvas according to the following guidelines for classes that start on the first day of the quarter (a few classes have other schedules). These are the deadlines; the faculty for your class may choose to publish the class earlier.

  • Online (DII) - by the first day of the quarter or scheduled start time.
  • Hybrid/blended (DIH) - usually by the first day of the quarter or scheduled start time, but since some hybrid classes meet on the first day, you may get other instructions.
  • Face-to-Face (F2F) - Your instructor may or may not use Canvas or another online LMS.  Ask your instructor if you don't find your class in Canvas or it isn't accessible.

If a class is not published, it won't show up in your Canvas dashboard. You can determine if the class is in Canvas by selecting Courses, then All Courses. For details, see Canvas help page on viewing courses.

Having a problem?

You can submit a message either to your instructor or to technical support (eLVC) through Canvas help help icon. "Ask your Instructor ..., and "Report a Problem" are the links.  There are also other help and support links.  Include as much information in your request as you can, including your student ID, course ID/item #, any error messages you get, and whatever you were doing before you encountered the problem (what link or assignment).

We're here to make sure the technology works for you as you fulfill your learning goals.


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