How to setup rules in Outlook

To create a rule, first make sure the Home tab is selected, then click on the Rules button.  From here you can quick create a rule to always move messages from certain people, or create rule or just manage your current rules.


When you select to create a rule, you will get the following screen:

You can use these default conditions, or you can select Advanced Options to get more.  The typical rule will move items to different folders, so be sure to check the box to move the item to a folder, and select the folder you wish to move it to.

You can select the folder you want from the choices given, or you can create a new folder:

If you create a new folder, be sure to select where you want that folder to show up:


If you choose to use more advanced rules, you will get a larger list to select from.  You will need to choose the one you would like:

When you select next, you will need to select what to do with the message:

If you don't want certain messages to be included, you can use exceptions to limit what the rule does:

Once you setup everything for your rule, you will need to name it and choose whether you want to run it now and/or turn it on to run automatically:

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