How to install the Avaya Soft Phone at home



Download and Install Avaya One-X Communicator

To use the softphone, you need to connect to the college network through VPN.

  1. The download for Avaya One-X Communicator software can be found here:
  2. Run the installer on your home computer and click Next.

  1. Click Next again.

Welcome to the InstallShield Wizard

  1. Select the radio button “I accept the terms….", click next.

  1. Select Custom and click Next.

Custom Install

  1. Uncheck Avaya Collaboration Services and click Next.

Remote Avaya Collaboration Services

  1. Click Install.

Install Screen

  1. Click Finish.



Configure the Software for your Extension

This software does not currently work on campus, only remotely with VPN.  Connect to VPN before completing the rest of the steps.

  1. Double Click the Avaya Communication icon on your desktop.  The first time you open it, there will be some setup required.
  2. Click next.

First time setup screen

  1. Select H.323 and click Next.

Select H.323.

  1. Enter your Extension and Password (this is your extension). Click Add, enter and click Next.

Enter extension password and server IP

  1. Click Next.

Telephone Setup

  1. Select This Computer and click Next.

Telephone Setup

  1. Click Next.

Enable Emergency Call Handling Feature

  1. Click Finish.


  1. Once again, open One-X Communicator. You may see the "Existing Login Detected" message. This is letting you know you have a deskphone also using your extension.  Click Yes to continue.

  1. We are not using this software for video calls.  Please use Zoom, should you need to make a video call.  Uncheck the box if you never want to see this message again, then click OK.

  1. If you receive this message, it is letting you know the software cannot find a microphone and/or speakers on your system.  Please be sure to plug in your headset before you make a call.  If you have further issues with this, please open a service request with IS.

  1. Once again, start One-X Communicator and click the Menu icon > selecting Settings > select General Settings.

General Setting selection

  1. On the left in the Account section, click on Telephony and uncheck Enable Video Calls.

Uncheck Enable Video Calls

  1. Again in the Account section, click on Messaging. Select the Dial this number radio button and enter 2407.

Dial this number

  1. Again in the Account section, click on Dialing Rules. Uncheck Apply dialing rules for outgoing calls and click OK.

Dialing Rules

  1. To call off-campus numbers, you must dial a 9 first, just like on-campus.
  2. To make a long distance call, just like on-campus you must dial 8 and enter your scan code.


Tips for Use

Show the dialpad by clicking the button highlighted in blue.


Key for using the dialpad.

Two keyboard shortcuts are available for users to quickly answer or hang up / reject a call. Note that these apply only to Avaya One-X Communicator and not to One-X Agent.

Shortcut #1 - If you press the Alt key, Ctrl key and A key simultaneously on your keyboard you will answer an incomming phone call.

Shortcut #2 - If you press the Alt key, Ctrl key and E key simultaneously on your keyboard you willl end an existing call or reject an incomming phone call.

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