General Troubleshooting Tips


ctcLink: General Troubleshooting Tips

Some general troubleshooting tips for using ctcLink are listed below. If you have attempted the following solutions and still experience problems with ctcLink, please submit a service request.

General Troubleshooting Tips


1. Are you having problems logging in?

See the knowledgebase article, ctcLink: Troubleshooting ctcLink Login Issues.

2. Are you using the Chrome web browser?

Chrome iconThe ctcLink application works best in Chrome.

3. Are you using Chrome’s Incognito Mode?

Sometimes things will work in Incognito Mode that do not work in a normal browser window. Start Chrome and press Ctrl + Shift + N to open an incognito browsing window. Alternatively,  click the menu icon in the top right corner of the browser followed by New Incognito Window.

If this tip works, then you may need to clear your browser’s cache (see below).

4. Have you cleared the browser's cache?

The ctcLink Reference Center has an article about clearing browser cache for popular browsers.


Troubleshooting Tips for Students


1. Do you need your password reset?

Submit a service request using the ctcLink Service Request form.

2. Is the link to the Student Homepage missing?

If the link to the Student Homepage is missing from the login portal, or you receive an error message that states, “You are not authorized for self service at this time,” then you did not login using your ctcLink ID.

This often happens when students attempt to login with the username they created during the Online Admissions Application (OAA) process. These usernames are not completely functional.

You must login with your ctcLink ID. If the student portal does not have “Welcome, FirstName LastName” in the top right corner of the screen, then you did not login with your ctcLink ID.

The top right corner of the student portal should say: Welcome, FirstName LastName

An example of a correct welcome message.

3. Is the Institution ID set?

A number of problems can occur if the Institution ID has not been set. For instance, students will receive the message: We are unable to display your account at this time. To access this information, contact the Bursar’s office to complete your account profile. To set the Institution ID, complete the following steps:

  1. Login to ctcLink at

  2. Click the Student Homepage option from the menu on the LEFT SIDE of the page.


  The ctcLink left hand navigation menu

4. Are you having problems with Online Payments?

  1. Solution 1: Have them login to ctcLink using: 

  2. Solution 2: Payments can be processed using the mobile app.

  3. Solution 3: Payments can be processed using Safari or Firefox (instead of Google Chrome).

Description of the Problem:

In the Chrome browser, starting with version 80, Chrome made a change that prevents our credit card partner (CyberSource) from successfully collecting payments. This affects both cashier payments and student self-service payments.

Research has shown it is because Chrome now blocks cookies that lack the “SameSource=None” attribute. CyberSource uses cookies as part of the transfer control between their site (where the credit card information is entered) and our site (where the student account balance is adjusted).

For additional details, see:

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