Temporary/Hourly/Student - How to Enter Time

Purpose:  Use this guide for submission of “time worked” for Temporary Hourly and Student Employees in ctcLink.

Audience: Temporary Hourly and Student Employees

Note: To enter time worked, the navigation in ctcLink is:  Employee Self Service (homepage) > Time (tile/homepage) > Enter Time (tile)



  1. The Time homepage displays.
  2. Select the appropriate job at the top bar Select a Job if you have more than one job, then click Apply.
  3. Select the CTC Time tile.


  1. The CTC ESS Time page appears which will allow you to chose the correct Student Job (if you have more than one) for which you are entering time.

  1. Once you select the correct job, the CTC ESS Time page allows you to chose the date of the timesheet, enter the hours you are reporting, and to select the proper Time Reporting Code.
    • If you did not take a lunch break, leave the Lunch & In fields blank.
    • If you work more than 5-hours, you must take a 30-minute lunch break.
  2. Select the Submit button once time is accurately entered.


  1. A Submit Confirmation message displays.

  1. Select the OK button.


  1. Time will be processed each pay period and sent to the employee’s supervisor for approval (if it is a TRC that needs approval).
  2. If time needs to be changed:
    • Enter a new hour value under the relevant day.
    • Select Submit and OK.


  1. Time is processed periodically, but at a minimum overnight. Time entered may not be visible to the employee or supervisor in other screens until the overnight processing has occurred.


If you have any questions, please email cbcpayroll@columbiabasin.edu.  

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