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With  MFA being enabled for ctclink, when you log into your ctclink account, you will receive one or more additional prompts after the initial login. This article will walk you through what those prompts look like and how to interact with them.

Note – On the initial login prompt, you can check the box ‘Keep me signed in’ and this will keep you signed in for up to 16 hours as long as you do not close your browser or the ctclink tab in your browser.
This article will cover how to edit your Multifactor Authentication options for ctcLink. Notably, this will show how to remove the security question option since it is an insecure option for employees.
This article covers how to add and/or modify your MFA options within ctcLink. Specifically, this will walk you through adding the Okta Verify option.
This article summarizes the CBC supported Multifactor Authentication (MFA) options for ctcLink.

To change these options, go to and select the Password Options tile.