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Below are the options with some details to help you decide which works best for you.  We recommend configuring more than one option.  The beauty of cell phones is that they are nearly ubiquitous, going everywhere with the user.  Many banks are now moving to MFA, where they would text a 6-digit number to the account holder’s cell phone.


Ctclink MFA options include:

  • Cell Phone – The most common MFA factor used is a cell phone and either select and install one of the apps (Okta Verify or Google Authenticator) or use the SMS or voice call options.
    •  The apps would provide a 6-digit code that is refreshed every 30 seconds. 
    • The Okta Verify app can also operate in ‘push’ mode where you simply press on the [Yes, it is me] box in the Okta verify app when prompted.
    • You can choose to receive a SMS text message which would be a 6-digit code. 
    • You can choose to have the MFA process call your cell phone, where it would recite and repeat a 5-digit code.


  • Desk Phone - If you do all your ctclink access from the computer in your office, you can actually use your desk phone (even home landline) number.  Using a desk phone, the MFA process would call the phone, then recite and repeat a 5-digit code.  Your computer screen would have a field ready for you to enter that code and once you have typed it in, you would click [Verify].


  • YubiKey Security Device - If you are mobile, as in do not have an assigned office with a desk phone, we can set you up with a YubiKey security device.   This is a small device that plugs into the USB port on the computer you are working from.  When prompted by the security screen on ctclink, you would touch a sensor on the YubiKey.  The challenge is that you have to take it with you wherever you go or need access ctclink.
    • This will require you come into T504 to have one setup. If you give us a call or email TSHelp@columbiabasin.edu, we can generally start getting it setup before you come in.
    • (Please note: For this option, the first USB Token security device is provided, if the USB Security Token is lost or damaged, we will need supervisor approval for a replacement.)


  • Biometric Authenticator – Due to complexity and expense, biometrics are not used for access to ctclink.
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