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General IT issues, not yet defined. Anything you are unsure of, please select this service.

Complete one (1) form per student to set up extended access to a Canvas course—beyond the Canvas term end date—for the student and for yourself as instructor. This form is used in the case of incompletes and similar situations.

Canvas is the learning management system for Columbia Basin College. Canvas Global Announcements provide students, faculty, and staff with timely information related to academic and other important campus community matters.

To reduce the information burden on Canvas users, announcements should be brief, clear, and timely. Requests will be reviewed and a response provided within 3 business days. Please note, however, that the request process may require further clarification and confirmation with you, which can take time. Please submit your request as early as possible to ensure your announcement meets your intended start date. Announcements on behalf of student organizations and clubs should be submitted by the advisor or other related CBC employee.

We reserve the right to revise the requested announcement content for brevity and clarity to reduce the information burden on Canvas users.

Use this form to submit a merge request for multiple sections of the same class in Canvas. Canvas Courses can be merged when: (a) multiple sections of the same class normally meet together, or (b) classes are cross-listed in the College course catalog. For other instances, use the Canvas Blueprint Course Request form instead.

Use this form to submit a request to designate a Canvas course as a Blueprint Course. A Blueprint Course is a template course used to sync content to other courses.

This is to document VLAN changes on ports of the the various network switches throught campus.

File Share Creation, File Share rights, Account Creation, Account Information Updates, Creation and Management of Security Groups, Creation and Management of email distribution groups and shared resources, etc.

Send a help request for Canvas, Panopto, Proctorio, ReadSpeaker (TextAid), and other ed tech apps.

Send a help request for Canvas, Panopto, Proctorio, ReadSpeaker (TextAid), and other ed tech apps.

Tickets for ctcLink related issues.

Email issues in general

Service for getting TS Media coverage for an event.

Service to request data from Technology Services ONLY.

Service to request quotes on hardware/software.

For issues with Access databases.

Hardware troubleshooting, peripheral installs, computer installs

Support request for web applications, NOT Access Databases.

Support request for any mobile device.

This is for general lab requests.

This is for scheduling COW cart requests.

For issues around WCTCS

All 'administrative computing' software, including Data Express, HP-UNIX, byRequest, FAM)

General software support (Microsoft products, Adobe products, Symantec, etc.)

This is for all telephone related requests.