Guide to Troubleshooting ctcLink Login Issues

Guide to Troubleshooting ctcLink Login Issues

Login to ctcLink:

If you are unable to login to ctcLink, please review the steps below.


1. Did you activate your ctcLink account?

Most login issues are the result of an account that has not been activated. This may be true even if you already have a ctcLink ID assigned to you. Two possible error messages indicate that an account may not have been activated yet.

Error Message: Authorization Error -- Contact your System Administrator

Error Message: Invalid ctcLink ID. Please check your ctcLink ID and re-enter or if you are a first time user, go to ctcLink login page and click “First Time User.”

Error Message: An account was not found. (21000,48)

If you receive either of the error messages mentioned above, follow the instructions below:


2. Do you need your password reset?

  • Submit a service request using the helpdesk

3. Are you using the Firefox web browser?

The ctcLink application works best in Firefox.


4. Are you using Chrome’s Incognito Mode or Firefox's Private Window?

Sometimes things will work in Incognito Mode if using Chrome, or a new Private Window in Firefox, that do not work in a normal browser window.

For Chrome:

  • Start Chrome
  • press Ctrl + Shift + N to open an incognito browsing window.
  • Alternatively,  click the menu icon in the top right corner of the browser followed by New Incognito Window.


For Firefox:

  • Start Firefox
  • press Ctrl + Shift + P to open an new Private window.
  • Alternatively,  click the menu icon in the top right corner of the browser followed by New Private Window.

If either of these tips work, then you may need to clear your browser’s cache (see below).


5. Have you cleared the browser's cache?

The ctcLink Reference Center has an article about clearing browser cache for popular browsers.


6. Do you need to know your ctcLink ID (also referred to as EMPLID) number? 

  • Employees: Submit a ticket request to be sent your EMPLID.

  • Students: Lookup your EMPLID number using the Retrieve Your Student ID page.


7. Are you logging in with your ctcLink ID (EMPLID)?

Error Message: Error getting content. Unable to get document.

The error message listed above indicates that you might be trying to login to ctcLink with the ID that you created during the Online Admissions Application (OAA) process. This ID is different from your ctcLink ID. Login with your ctcLink ID (a 9-digit number) instead. If your ctcLink ID has not yet been activated, follow the instructions below:


8. Are you unable to activate your ctcLink account?

Error Message: No match was found. Please try again and check your entries carefully. Make sure the name you entered is the one you used during admissions (For example: Samuel Smith or Sam Smith). If you need additional assistance, go to to get help from your college. 

If you receive the previous error message, this indicates that ctcLink contains some incorrect information. It is most likely an incorrect date of birth; you could try switching the month and day in order to create an account. Sometimes it is an incorrect first or last name. Contact the Office of the Registrar to have the information corrected (insert contact information here).


9. Do you have an active network connection?

Is your computer or device using a wireless connection?

Read Microsoft’s article: Wi-Fi connection icons and what they mean (WIndows 10)

Is your computer plugged in with a network cable?

Any of the four tests below may indicate a problem with your network connection.

  1. The Windows icon that indicates a disconnected Ethernet connection. A red “X” in the lower right corner of the desktop indicates the computer is not connected to a network.

  2. Click the Start button, then click Control Panel and type "network status" in the search field. Click Network and Sharing to see your current network status. Click Change adapter settings in the left pane of the Network and Sharing Center to see a list of network interfaces and their statuses. If the computer has an Ethernet port, it is listed as Local Area Connection. A red “X” by the entry means nothing is plugged into it, or that it's malfunctioning.

  3. Check the status lights on the back of the Ethernet card. On most Ethernet adapters, a steady green light means that the Ethernet connection on the computer is connected.

  4. Press the Windows Start key, type "cmd.exe" in the text field and press Enter to open the Command Prompt. At the prompt, type "ipconfig" and press Enter. Find a line that reads Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection. If the computer has an Ethernet connection, the entry will describe the connection. However, if an entry exists but it reads "Media disconnected," the network port is not connected to anything.


10. Are you able to login?

Login to ctcLink:


11. If you are still unable to login, then submit a service request.

If you know both your ctcLink ID and ctcLink password but are unable to login, OR you are unable to reset your password using the “Forgot your password” link, please submit a service request.

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