Creating a New Expense Report by Copying an Existing Expense Report

PREREQUISITES: Must have at least one Expense Report in the system to copy from, in any status. You must be authorized to edit travel documents for the traveler even if the you are the traveler.


Navigation route: NavBar > Navigator > Employee Self-Service > Travel and Expenses > Expense Reports > Create/Modify

  1. The Expense Report search page displays.


  1. Select the Add a New Value tab.


  1. Enter or use the Look Up (search glass icon) tool to select your traveler's Empl ID in the Empl ID field.


  1. Select Add.


  1. The Create Expense Report page displays.












  1. Pull down the Quick Start drop-down menu and select the An Existing Report option.                      

NOTE: The Expense Report must be blank, if you begin to add values to your Expense Report this Quick Start menu will change into an Actions menu.


  1. Select GO to find an existing Expense Report from which to copy information.


  1. The Copy from Existing Expense Report page displays



  1. Search for and Select the Expense Report from which you want to copy.


  1. The Copy from Existing Expense Report page will disappear and the populated Create Expense Report page will display with the copied items. Update the information as necessary, attachments do not copy over so attach documents as needed.


  1. Select the Save for Later link to Save/Update the new information.


  1. If you are ready to submit your Expense Report select Summary and Submit to complete the submission.
    1. Select the checkbox to certify that the expenses submitted are accurate and comply with expense policies.
    2. Select Submit Expense Report.


  1. The Expense Report Submit Confirmation page displays.
  2. Select OK.


Process complete.

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