Applying Cash Advances to an Expense Report

PREREQUISITES: Must have a fully approved and paid Cash Advance in the system. Must have created/started an Expense Report but not submitted the Expense Report yet.

There is not a Navigation Route to begin, your starting point is within the Expense Report you are working on.

  1. Follow the “Creating an Expense Report for Travel” guide to complete your Expense Report details.


  1. After your Expense Report values copy from your Travel Authorization select “Save for Later” to ensure progress is saved and there are no errors.

If errors come up click on the red flag icon for more information. If you are unsure on how to correct those errors reach out to

  1. Pull down the Actions drop-down menu, and select the "Apply/View Cash Advance(s)" from the list.


  1. Select Go.


  1. The Apply Cash Advance(s) page displays.

  1. Select the Look up Advance ID search icon (magnifying glass).


  1. The Look Up Advance ID window displays



  1. Select the Advance ID hyperlink of your Cash Advance.


  1. The Look Up Advance ID window will disappear and the Apply Cash Advance(s) page will now show the applied Cash Advance you selected.


  1. In the Total Applied box enter the amount of the Cash Advance that you used. The entire amount is applied by default but you can apply a partial amount of the Advance.
    1. If you edit this amount select Update Totals.


  1. The Total Due Employee field indicates the amount due to the employee after applying the total Cash Advance amounts.


  1. The Total Advance Applied amount cannot exceed the Totals (X Line) amount of the Expense Report; it can be less than or equal to, but not more than. If you have money to return, then make the Total Applied amount equal to the Totals (X Line) amount of your Expense Report.


  1. Select the OK button to apply the Cash Advance amounts to the Expense Report.


  1. The Modify Expense Report page will display.

  1. Select the Save For Later button (or link) to save the Expense Report without submitting it for approval.


  1. If you are ready to submit your Expense Report select Summary and Submit to complete the submission.
    1. Select the checkbox to certify that the expenses submitted are accurate and comply with expense policies.
    2. Select Submit Expense Report.


  1. The Expense Report Submit Confirmation page displays.
  2. Select OK.


Process complete.

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